NRCan RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software

The Energy Services Association of Canada is pleased to continue our collaboration with Natural Resources Canada to promote RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software to Canada’s health services sector.

RETScreen website

What is RETScreen?

RETScreen Expert is a comprehensive Clean Energy Management Software platform which enables professionals and decision-makers to identify and assess the viability of potential energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration projects; and to measure and verify the actual and ongoing energy performance of buildings, factories and power plants around the world.

The software is developed by the Government of Canada in collaboration with notable international partners and is used by over 750,000 people in every country and territory of the world. RETScreen is also used as a teaching and research tool by well-over 1,300 universities and colleges worldwide, and is frequently cited in academic literature.

This “Made-in-Canada” software is well suited to assisting Canada’s health care facility and energy managers to take a data-driven approach to managing the energy in their facilities.

From benchmarking, to consumption tracking, energy audits and more, RETScreen provides a solution for health care energy professionals to take control of their facility portfolio.

Version 8.1 of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software platform is now available for download from the RETScreen website. This update has arrived with a number of salient new features to enhance the RETScreen experience!

Benchmark Analysis Module

New benchmark data and visualization tools for off-grid power systems and various modes of transportation (including on- and off-road vehicles, aircraft, marine craft and trains)

Feasibility Analysis Module

New archetypes for transportation, central-grid and off-grid power systems incorporating battery storage; archetypes for military and correctional facilities; update of the user-defined feasibility model and the global GHG emission factors database

Performance Analysis Module

New analytics capabilities to prepare non-routine adjustments (e.g. COVID-19); regression analysis using backcasting and chaining techniques; integration of high-resolution and real-time data (hourly or sub-hourly, interval data with direct connection to databases, like SQL), including data visualization and analytics tools such as weekly and daily times series, load duration curve and heat map graphs

Portfolio Analysis Module

New automated portfolio data update feature and new connectors for other data tools with RETScreen Connect; new offsite renewable energy purchase capabilities for portfolio-wide monitoring and tracking; various data analysis, visualization and comparison tool upgrades


  • Integration and update of e-Learning videos
  • Improvements to reporting and custom dashboard tools
  • RETScreen now supports 37 languages including Mongolian

Introductory Video

RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software is the property of the Government of Canada. The RETScreen logo is used with permission.

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