Nerva’s revolutionary Aerosolized Duct Sealing

ESAC members and clients received an excellent webinar presentation by Nerva on its aerosolized duct sealing process, saving clients over 25% energy and 35% GHG emissions from just this one product. Not only that but they benchmark and provide a guarantee on the outcome which can be wrapped into a wider ESCO offering for a total building, deep retrofit solution.

If you have further questions about this Aerosolized Duct Sealing program or wish to book a follow-up presentation with the rest of your team, please contact Tim Cresswell at

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Duct Sealing – Commonly Asked Questions:

Turn-Key Implementation Process:

Testimonials:Trillium Lakelands DSB

Renfrew County DSB

Clinton Climate Initiative

Building on President Clinton’s longstanding commitment to the environment, the Clinton Climate Initiative develops scalable projects that can be tailored to local conditions while also serving as innovative models for tackling global climate change. This approach helps provide real-world demonstrations of how we can cut emissions while compressing the timeframe for delivering real progress.

Energy Services Coalition

The Energy Services Coalition is a public private partnership promoting the benefits of, providing education on, and serving as an advocate for the widespread use of energy performance contracting in public and private facilities. The ESC provides a unique forum in which all stakeholders can work together to address and overcome any barriers which are limiting the effective use of ESPC.

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